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A signboard is a great way to convey information to the client

Front plate – all city residents are facing with this unobtrusive type of advertising everywhere. It would be difficult to cope without it in our daily life.

After all, an address sign in Kiev with the name of your street, house number will provide direction for travellers, a postman or a pizza delivery man.

The first thing we pay attention to when entering the store is the signs with the opening hours and indicating that the shop is “open” to its clients.

Similar signboards accompany us at virtually everywhere. It can be found in the subway and tram, in the city park when people go for a walk or when people stay at work. Even trivial information such as “No smoking”, tells people about restrictions and what must not be done.

Production of sign plates of any complexity in Kiev

The Faktoria Company is engaged in the development of the design of the sign plates, creating its layout by using the most modern technologies.

Thanks to this, we can satisfy any customer’s needs and make the design of sign plates in Kiev, priced inexpensively in low, medium and premium segment of the market.

We work with modern and classic materials such as glass, brass, stainless steel, bronze, plastic, and acrylic. The choice of the customer is virtually unlimited as it all depends only on the size of the budget.

Any company sign can perfectly function in both outdoors and indoors conditions. Although certain types of materials need constant maintenance, the plate will look cleaner and last much longer.

The cost of making plates

The cost of manufacturing a plate is determined depending on the price of the material and the complexity of the work performed.

In order to fulfill the needs of an enterprise, an office plate is created in accordance with the existing corporate style of the customer.

It is no longer regarded as a simple an information sign but a presentable business card of the client.

Therefore, there are much more requirements for design and materials. In any case, we will develop a design taking into account all the wishes of the customer and we will offer the most optimal options for materials and methods of their processing.

You can order and place the company logo and any other three-dimensional image on the plate.

The volumetric signs made by us will create pleasant first impressions for customers about your company.

If you are ready to order plates in Kiev right now, contact our managers and they will provide a thought after advice on any question that may arise.

House signs

Despite the fact of seeming simplicity, the address plate on the facade changes the façade’s appearance beyond recognition and this is usually done every decade.

As with the exterior design, the types of materials, which are used also changed. In the budget market segment, which is always in demand, there are plastic and acrylic plates available. Moreover, they can be made in just a few hours.

The Faktoria Company also develops more exclusive versions of home plates made of composite materials.

By placing volumetric elements on such a plate, clients can turn its design into a real work of art.

Often majority of occasions, this technology is used to create memorial plaques installed on the facades of buildings. In this matter, everything depends on the wishes and preferences of the customer.

Additionally, plates on the house, which are added to the address sign, may contain other useful information. So, the direction indicator or the placement of the image will tell others more information than any words can describe it, such as in this place you cannot walk with dogs, take photos, smoke and other restrictions.

There are some standard signs and pictograms in our database. Customers can choose a ready-made option, which will reduce the cost and increase the speed of order execution.

Plates on the door of the office or deputy office

The Faktoria Company has been developing the design of plaques for the offices of People’s Deputies for quite some time.

Our portfolio contains various design options, whereas our customers can rely on high quality and speed of work.

For office and cabinet plates, a variety of materials are used, such as expensive materials, including brass, bronze, stainless steel with the possibility of combining them, applying additional coating, making a structure for glass and more budgetary but having presentable look by adding glass, plexiglass, duralumin , acrylic, plastic with various options of fasteners, which perform purely decorative function.

Inexpensive plaques can also be placed under glass, which gives the design an elegant, expensive look.

Cabinet plates with replaceable information are in demand among customers and you can order this type of product from us at any time.

You can order an interior or an office plate in Kiev of various shapes, designs, designs right now by contacting our managers.

We guarantee individual approach for each client as well as fast and high-quality order execution to fulfill our clients’ needs.