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Professional signs manufacturing

When it comes to the world of advertising products, using signs is certainly regarded as the leading tool. In every part of a large city people are greeted by outdoor and indoor signs and it is very difficult to find similar ones. This allows designers to come up with all new exclusive solutions, picking up the material and choosing methods of manufacturing it as well as making it suited to the customer’s budget. Thus, the production of signs in Kiev is distinguished by the widest range of prices, which makes it possible to order this type of product for individuals, entrepreneurs, companies with any income level.

Variety of signs

Each enterprise, office or retail outlet greets its clients with a sign, production of which is offered by our company “Faktoria”. Even the specialists of the industry are absolutely amazed by the variety of shapes, materials, designs that are used to make signs. We offer full range of products to fulfill the needs of even the sophisticated customers. We also adhere to lead times, which set us apart from the others in the competitive environment. Today, we can offer signboards whose photos are presented on our website:

  • Advertising;
  • Office;
  • Façade;
  • Street;
  • Addressable;

Each of the presented categories has the widest range of implementation. Most often, signs for a store or a cafe are made with high-quality lighting, and the customer can choose any of its options such as single and multi-color, contour and over the entire surface of the light box. Also, illuminated signs for beauty salons will highlight them in the evening when the main influx of customers is expected. This competitive advantage will immediately affect and increase the number of potential customers. However, the front signs of butcher shops, pet stores, photos attract a properly made design. Our specialists will make such signs from acrylic or other bright materials, which will reduce the cost of production but will look attractive and expensive.

For industrial enterprises, loft-style signs are appropriate, although in recent years many private customers have also chosen this direction for furnishing the interior in this style. In our portfolio, there are signs with restaurants photos, as well as other objects. The choice of a ready-made layout will significantly help to save on the price of the sign.

Materials and constructions

The Faktoria specialists work with acrylic and plastic, stainless steel and brass, glass and composite materials. Most often we make front signs with the word Kiev in it:

  • Volumetric letters and logo. Can be equipped with backlight;
  • Differs in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials;
  • Steel and brass letters. Image version of the sign.

Wooden signs are used to decorate interiors in a style corresponding to this material, mainly in the countryside. Private customers also prefer this sustainable design option.

In our showroom, service signs such as coffee tea can be selected for every taste, whereas their design and especially the price of the finished product will be very attractive. Kiev signboards can be inexpensively made of polystyrene foam, because they are suitable for decorating thematic zones of a coffee shop, an atelier or stores for children. Photos of the signs are presented on the company’s website. In order for such sign to attract the eye of visitors even if it is located the most remote corner of the room, it is possible to decorate it with contour lighting, which is very economical and presentable.

It doesn’t matter to us which sign you order. We will work with each of them individually, working out on details that fulfill the needs and requirements of our clients. Therefore, the price of the shop sign is always calculated on individual basis. Having completed the order by our company right now, customers will get:

  • Individual design;
  • High speed of order fulfillment;
  • The ability to work with a designer remotely;
  • Sending to all parts across Ukraine.