Diplomas and Award certificates

1. Diplomas and Award certificates


Badges, medals

2. Badges, medals


Brass Key rings, business cards

3. Brass Key rings, business cards


Prizes and commemorative signs

4. Prizes and commemorative signs


Premium Products – Wide Range

Sporting and Corporate events, School and Student life, all are simply impossible to imagine without the inclusion of premium merchandise. And even if at some events, the organizers settle on banal notebooks, pens, and pennants, situations will often arise where high-quality premium products are required.

The “Factoria’ company works on a turnkey basis — it develops designs, creates layouts, and incorporates them into finished premium products. Our customers do not need to search for several companies dealing with all these types of work separately, we will do everything ourselves, and you just have to pick up your order when it is finished on time.

Custom Awards — Product Types.

The “Factoria” company Portfolio includes thematic sections with finished products made by our designers on an individual basis. Before ordering and buying awards, we recommend that you look at our catalog on the website. It will take a little time, but it will help you better understand our capabilities and preferences. Our managers, if necessary, will provide advice on manufacturing product techniques, timing, price of the finished product or a whole set of awards. We develop custom awards:

  1. Award diplomas:
  • On a wooden backing.
  • On a metal base under glass.
  • Metallography in a gift case.
  • Brass in a case.
  • Brass engraved on a wooden backing.
  • With colored acrylic applique.
  • Combined – from various materials.
  1. Badges and medals:
  • Made of brass with a case.
  • Brass with engraving.
  • Award order, medal with a pin.
  • Medal with a wooden stand-case.
  • Combined option.
  1. Trinkets, business cards
  • Gold-plated brass business cards.
  • Exclusive business cards.
  • Engraved business cards.
  • Business cards with enamel coating, etching.
  • Brass charms with company logo.
  • Key rings are personalized, memorable.
  • Keyrings with corporate attributes.
  • Brass, acrylic numbered keychain.
  1. Prizes, commemorative signs
  • Plates on bronze.
  • The prizes are brass on a stone, on a stand.
  • Acrylic awards.
  • Memorable sign, acrylic souvenir on stone.

Our advantages:

No award ceremony can do without award kits, and the “Factoria” company is ready to help you.

  • All premium products are made according to individual specifications, customers can choose the option they prefer from the catalog as a basis.
  • We will finalize the project according to your requirements, which will save on your budget and increase the order processing speed.
  • We also work with clients who have provided their finished project.
  • We also work remotely, taking orders remotely.
  • It is possible to send a finished order by mail or pick up from the company’s office.