Business cards on the brass are an image component of success

The presence of the business card is an important detail in business activities of any level. These fashion products will best of all tell about its owner, creating the first impression even without further words.
Standard business cards on the cardboard and plastic are an accessory familiar to many, today it gives way to the more refined and expensive one. Brass business cards are the kind of the top class in the business card world.

Making business cards

The Faktoria company and its specialists develop turnkey metal business cards, performing the whole range of works from the creation of a project, drawing up a sketch up to its approval by the customer and implementation in the finished product on the production. So that our customers do not have difficulties, we have prepared and posted several options for our work, forming a portfolio for every taste and budget on the site. Before placing an order, each client will be able to see clearly:

  • the brass business cards covered with such precious metal as gold;
  • exclusive business cards with etching or gold plating;
  • the brass business cards with engraving;
  • etched and enamelled business cards.

Keychain making

corporated or branded keychain from Faktoria is not so much a functional thing intended for a bunch of keys, but rather advertising product that distinguishes the owner and emphasizes his belonging to the company. The keychain is an unobtrusive and always pleasant gift for the clients, the customers, the contractors and the business partners. Sometimes the keychain is a carrier of an important information, for example, in a dressing room or a cell in the shopping center.

The Faktoria company develops the brass key rings with an exclusive and standard design for the companies, trade brands and individuals. In the first case, the customer receives an exclusive version of the product that promotes the company’s products or services to the market. With a typical project, you can get the same image result, but at the same time with significant budget savings.

To save money you can:

  • order the keychain according to the standard design presented in the company’s showroom on our website;
  • order the whole batch of trinkets and receive a wholesale discount;
  • provide your own design;
  • plates on the temples, squares and fountains;
  • order the corporate merchandise in the bulk.

Our advantages

  • The company’s website presents the work of our designers, so each client can choose the variant he likes:
  • Metal keychain for keys.
  • Brass keychain with etching and enamel coating.
  • Brass keychain with engraving.
  • Branded keychain with the brand name of the company.
  • Company logo on the keychain.
  • Brass keychain number.
  • Acrylic wardrobe number with engraving.
  • Acrylic logo number.

The Faktoria company works in Kiev, providing a full range of services for the production of the advertising products. We are chosen because:

We develop the exclusive projects.

We accept applications online from all over the country.
We work with high quality, durable materials.
We are ready to provide services for repairing and replacement.
We adhere to precise deadlines.
We take the urgent orders.
We send orders by mail.
We provide discounts and benefits to our regular customers.