The production of medals for all anniversaries and memorable events

The production of badges and medals in Kiev is one of the activities of the Faktoria company. Such exclusive products are often produced by our specialists on an individual project. On the site in our portfolio there are already presented the developed designs, which can be taken as an example or a basis for your order. Today you can order a personalized, corporate or memorable event medal without even visiting our office. We coordinate all types of work remotely.

The production of badges and medals

The specialists of the “Faktoria” company work with the most reliable and fashionable materials. Today the badges and medals for order are made of brass. Using various methods of metal processing and information application, we achieve an exclusive design and high quality work.

  • We are ready to offer our customers:
  • Commemorative medals in a wooden case.Medals on a pin.
  • Brass badges on a pin.
  • Award medals in a case.
  • Commemorative engraved brass medals.
  • Award signs on a wooden substrate.
  • Award medals with stand case.

At the request of the customer, the production of the badges and medals can be carried out according to the finished design.

The advantage of ordering in our company

  • Our company is ready to providethe  customers with the following competitive advantages:

  • We are ready to fulfill the order in a short time.
  • We will provide discounts for a set of badges and medals.
  • We work with corporate clients and individuals.
  • We cooperate with nonresident customers remotely.
  • We develop both fashion products and inexpensive merchandise.

Making medals

When choosing the design of the badges and medals, we focus first of all on the event to which this award is timed. If it is of a regular nature, then the customer has the opportunity to save money by ordering a set according to the typical design. For a one-time or individual event the design is carried out depending on the nature and the theme of the event. Souvenir products may differ in non-standard shape and size. Today, ordering badges and medals is a joint work of our designers, creative specialists and the customer himself. Only then the final result will please with its originality and style.