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    Both order production costs and terms are calculated individually in each case.It depends on the design, complexity, and batch size. Our specialists will always tailor the product to your budget and required time period.


    Manufacturing company

    Advertisement is the “engine of trade.” Though a commonplace and familiar phrase, this perfectly reflects the true state of affairs in the process of selling goods and services. Every company that has been on the market for a long time knows that it is not enough to create and even release a high-quality product. It is necessary that as many people as possible know about it. Only a few of them will become potential buyers.

    And only after that, will criteria such as product quality, design, functionality, and price come into play in selling the product and keeping the customer’s interest. For centuries, trade in goods and services has depended on quality advertising. This is especially important for large cities and metropolises, where several hundred retail outlets, offices, representative centers, and organizations like yours are concentrated in one square kilometer of the territory. How do stand out against the competition? How do you inform potential buyers about yourself? — Only with the help of well-thought-out advertising.

    наружная реклама

    Outdoor advertising is a guarantee of your customers’ loyalty

    Despite the fact that nowadays trade in goods and services is increasingly moving to the Internet, real trade is still dependent on the nearby shoppers’ loyalty. It is difficult to influence their desires, moods, and needs with only the help of an advertisement published in a newspaper or a banner placed on a promoted website.

    This is where psychology comes into play, when a visual image is immediately processed by the brain and spurs an instantaneous action by the consumer. This type of spontaneous purchase accounts for about 50% of sales of most retailers, even if they are selling a highly specialized product. By placing outdoor advertising in the right place, you can achieve the same coveted sales levels as your biggest competitors.

    If your company, office, or retail outlet is located in Kyiv or the surrounding suburbs, then our company “Faktoria”, operating in the city of Kyiv, is the best place for you to order your outdoor advertising.We have both a young and promising team. We can offer you the best outdoor advertising solutions by providing the following benefits:

    • We select the right type of advertising medium, suitable for your type of product or service.
    • We provide free advice on advertising placement.
    • We use only reliable, high quality materials.
    • We provide an individual approach to clients.
    • We guarantee discounts to regular customers.
    изготовление наружной рекламы

    Outdoor advertising production – types of products from “Faktoria”

    Nowadays, there are many design options for outdoor advertising. We design and manufacture the following types:

    • Light box. One of the most economical types of advertising. At the request of the customer, a lightbox box of any size and shape can be created. It is also possible to design a ready-made, one- and two-sided structure. The advertising image is printed on acrylic glass, the backlight is installed inside the box, and the sides can be made of acrylic, metal, plastic.
    • Volumetric 3D letters. This type of outdoor advertising is mainly a part of the advertising composition, giving it an impressive volumetric effect. But, it can be created as a separate structure. Signs of this type can be produced with or without interior lighting. This is a kind of lightbox. It is often used for decorating signs of restaurants, cafés, and office centers.
    • Neon signs. This type of outdoor advertising is distinguished by its brightness due to the neon used in the backlighting. This type of advertising works perfectly in the dark on the facades of retail outlets. It looks good in signs placed in narrow corridors, long halls, and shopping centers.
    • Pavement sign One of the most inexpensive, but very informative types of outdoor advertising. It can be useful when you need to direct the flow of visitors to a retail outlet, café, or restaurant located a few meters away. The pillar-pass can be made of any shape and size, usually the information field is made of plastic or galvanized, and the frame is made of light, painted pipes. This design will not blow away with the wind, and it will also not be too heavy for comfortable carrying.
    • Facade Nameplates. This is a wide range of products made from a variety of materials: stainless steel, glass, brass, bronze, acrylic, plastic. In this case, everything depends on the customer’s taste and the cost that he is willing to pay for the sign. This type of outdoor advertising is used most often as a sign of the location of a company, office or organization. There are also address and memorial signs on the facade.
    • Interior signs. This type of outdoor advertising is used in the interiors of offices, hotels, cafés, restaurants, or retail outlets. It combines all possible types of designs: lightbox, neon advertising, volumetric letters, plates, and their various combinations.
    интерьерные вывески

    A separate type of advertising, which is developed in “Faktoria”, is premium attributes. This is an interesting and multifaceted type of promotional product. There are no special restrictions in design, shapes, or materials. Our company offers the following options for premium products:

    1. Diplomas inscribed, gifts, awards.They can be made of glass, brass, colored acrylic, natural wood, as well as various combinations of these materials used together. There are also many ways of applying information and other attributes — printing (single and multicolor), metallography, engraving, applying acrylic film. Products can be made with a gift box, have a special mount for mounting on a table, hanging on a wall.

    2. Badges and medals. Their design can correspond to a significant date — an anniversary; an event in the work of a company — a competition, a festival, as well as dedicated to a person, event, slogan and company name, positions — a deputy, the Ministry of Culture, an acting competition. Commemorative badges and medals can be placed in a case. The material for the production of these promotional items is brass, with additional engraving.

    3. Trinkets. They can be made of brass, of any shape and size with applied corporate information — company name, logo, branded products. A simpler type of product in the form of numbers for the dressing room, for storage cells, are made of acrylic.

    4. Business cards. Advertising products are made by engraving, etching on brass, followed by gold plating, enamel. This is an exclusive type of product, design and material — selected at the request of the customer.

    5. Prizes and commemorative signs. The design of advertising products is developed for significant events and dates in the life of a company, organization, or office. The materials used in the design are bronze, brass, stone, wood, transparent acrylic.

    наградная атрибутика

    We have examined the main types of advertising products, the materials used in its production, but still have left open the question of what is the best outdoor advertising for your company. In addition to the information conveyed by it, advertising should attract the eye and be aesthetically pleasing.

    Only then will a sophisticated buyer, who has seen it all, become interested in your ad. And even if today he passes by, tomorrow, or in the near future, he will definitely remember it.Outdoor advertising is important for the type of people who do not buy goods online. And despite technological progress, a good half of our country remains this way — 50%.

    Advertising from the Faktoria company is what will set you apart from the competition!

    A great deal of customers choose us because:

    • Our products stand out because of their creative designs.
    • We develop designs for different target audiences of customers.
    • We work with reliable and durable materials.
    • We comply with the agreed terms for the release of finished advertising products.
    • We bring to life our customers’ craziest ideas.