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One of the most popular types of outdoor advertising is volumetric letters as it can promote your business effectively. The most signboards on the streets of Kyiv in the form of volumetric letters. This is stemmed not just from their visual attraction, but also their effects. Today the Factoria company offers the production of volumetric letters in Kyiv. In our catalog, you will find a large number of types of advertising media. Choosing a certain type, you should learn the features of each one.


Types of volumetric letters.


There are 5 main types of volumetric letters:


  • Illuminated – the front part of the construction is highlighted;
  • Unilluminated – the construction is painted with acrylic paint or designed with self-adhesive film and is not highlighted;
  • Interior – foam or wooden letters;
  • Pseudo-volume – letters from wide and dense materials;
  • Contour – the back of the structure is highlighted.


The listed volumetric letters are made of plastic, plexiglass, stainless steel, and foam. They are decorated with various films, including the well-known Oracal film. The Faktoria company uses high-quality and durable materials so that our products have good characteristics.


The advantages of volumetric letters from the Faktoria company.


Choosing our company, you get a quality product, which is characterized by the following advantages:


– individuality – you can create volumetric letters the way you want it, or use the services of our designer. You  will get a unique design according to your wishes and requirements;

– quality – many years of experience, the professionalism of our craftsmen, high-quality materials and components, and specialized equipment gives a 100% quality assurance;

– strength – aluminum body, metal supports, and fasteners provide maximum strength of the construction;

– increased brightness of the light effects – we use colored light-diffusing acrylic, as well as LED lamps, which gives good brightness.


Volumetric letters from the Faktoria company are made within 4-8 working days. We provide everything you need for self-assembly in the kit.


3D letters: design, installation, dismantling. 


Our design department offers several types of layouts to choose from. The customer, if desired, makes his own edits. The cost of manufacturing will be calculated after we’ve agreed and approved the layout. 


You can install volumetric letters by yourself. We provide a complete set of edition equipment, wiring diagram, and installation instructions.


If the advertising construction is massive and requires the help of specialists, we offer additional installation services:


– industrial climbers;

– specialized modern equipment for the installation and dismantling of a signboard.


Our work crew will calculate the certain risks, weather conditions, and loads in order to obtain the maximum strength and reliability of the volumetric letters’ anchorage.


The cost of the manufacturing of the volumetric letters. 


The production of volumetric letters in Kyiv is assessed based on the following factors:


– the material of the manufacturing;

– the font of the lettering;

– backlight type;

– the size of the advertising medium. 


The Faktoria company provides professional production of volumetric letters in Kyiv. We guarantee pleasant cooperation, the highest quality, reasonable prices, and timeliness of the manufacturing. For all questions, please contact us by phone. We carry out the delivery of volumetric letters by “Nova Poshta” in Ukraine.