Volumetric letters made of styrofoam, despite their apparent simplicity and associations with packaging material, have gained great popularity in advertising. And there are several important reasons for this:

Firstly, you can buy volumetric foam letters the next day after placing an order, as this material is easy to process and install.
Secondly, if you need to decorate quickly and inexpensively any festive event, if it can be an ordinary corporate party, a birthday, or an anniversary, then the volumetric foam letters at very democratic price will not ruin your festive budget.
Thirdly, there are situations when it is simply impossible to install or fix a heavy structure at a certain place, while almost weightless letters made of foam will become a good alternative in solution of the question.
Only these characteristics are already enough to order a service – the production of volumetric foam letters, which are provided by the Faktoria company in Kiev

Volumetric styrofoam letters are stylish decor at minimum costs.

Let’s dwell on some of the features that must be taken into account before ordering volumetric letters made of foam. Ready polyfoam signboard is very light, therefore, when installed indoors, there will be no problems with it. When mounted in an open space, this fact does not always play a positive role, as advertising structures are often subject to requirements for total weight and wind loads.In the case of outdoor seasonal or wedding decoration, it will need to choose the right substrate for fastening so that the volumetric foam letters at the wedding not to scatter at the first gust of wind.Polyfoam, contrary to the general opinion about its fragility, can serve for a long period, especially if there is an external coating. Such a coating can be a common construction primer and putty, which, after being applied to the finished foam letters and completely drying, are covered with paint of any type and shade. Thus, in a short time, such an unassuming material as foam can sparkle with completely new shades and characteristics. The simplicity of the design also does not exclude the possibility of installing the backlight.

Interior decoration

The volumetric polyfoam letters in Kiev showed themselves in the best way when making Interior decoration. Moreover, the excellent characteristics of the foam, namely the ease and simplicity of installation, are used to create both temporary interiors, for example, like exhibition, and permanent like office.

Customers appreciated the fact that all received advertising structures can be:

  • signs to reception office,
  • navigation signs,
  • information boards,
  • restaurant menu,
  • corporate logos,
  • office plates,
  • which can be installed with only regular double-sided tape.

Scenery creation

Any holiday dates and anniversary celebrations are not complete without Faktoria specialists. Volumetric polyfoam letters for birthdays and weddings, corporate dates and national holidays are ordered from us. Most of all, our decorations will last only 1 or a few days, so why choose another expensive material to dispose it immediately. It is more profitable and wiser to do all the same, but from foam, while saving both time and budget.

The Faktoria company will make custom-made volumetric foam letters to order, providing customers with full support of the order, from the development of the layout to delivery to the door. You can find the portfolio of our works right there, on our website and choose the most suitable option for you.