The volumetric letters made of plastic are one of the most popular elements of outdoor advertising.

This popularity is caused by the fact that the plastic used in the production of advertising has a number of advantages over other materials:

  • the low price;
  • the durability;
  • a light weight;
  • the presentable look;
  • a variety of textures and shades;
  • the availability of design options.
    The Factoria company is engaged in the production of the volumetric letters from plastic in Kiev. Our employees have an extensive experience and professionalism, which helps us to fulfill your order on time with a high quality guarantee.

The types of the volumetric letters made of plastic

Our clients can order the following options of the volumetric plastic letters: the hollow, without the back side.

They are often used in combination with the backlight. To maintain its shape, each letter is equipped with the additional stiffeners, and when creating the volumetric letters from plastic of very large sizes, we will also make a supporting frame;
the full-bodied, equipped with the back side. Each letter is a separate finished structure, most often its surface is covered with Oracal film of various shades and textures.

The price of the volumetric letters made of plastic

The volumetric letters made of plastic, the price of which depends on many factors, are widely used in both outdoor and indoor advertising. Plastic has good universal characteristics, therefore it is suitable for the embodiment of any design solutions.

Due to its low price and plasticity, it is used:

  • on the front signs,
  • in the shop window installations,
  • in the interior design.
    With the help of modern design technologies, you can give the construction the most presentable and expensive look.

Backlight for the volumetric letters

The backlighting of the volumetric letters made of plastic makes the advertising structure more visible and, therefore, effective, working 24/7. Today it is possible to order illumination of such options:

  • both the front and the back sides of the letters are highlighted;
  • diffuse illumination of the entire element or a separate part;
  • only the back side or slotted elements are illuminated;
    the backlight.

The light source in each structure can be:

LED elements that are more expensive, but also a very durable variant,
fluorescent lamps are an inexpensive variant that requires periodic lamp replacement.
You can order the production of the volumetric letters from plastic in Kiev from the Faktoria company according to the customer’s ready-made layouts or place an order on a turnkey basis. Our specialists will develop a design layout based on your wishes, as well as taking into account the features of the placement of the future structure, the architectural style of the building or the general style of interiors. Samples of our work can be found right now by choosing the most suitable sample on the pages of the site.