The volumetric metal letters have become synonymous with success and presentability long ago; they are equally used as an element of outdoor or indoor advertising. Shops or offices wishing to emphasize their high status or focus on respectable customers order the design of the sign using the volumetric metal letters. Qualitatively produced letters that are equipped with the stylish backlight consistently attract the attention of the customers and clients. There are many options for their production.

The advantages of the metal letters

No matter how attractive the metal letters are, but only the combination of other, equally important characteristics allow them to gain a foothold in the top lines of the premium product rating:

  • the durability,
  • powder coating of letters in any metallic or non-metallic shade,
  • the ability to highlight the front side of the letters,
  • creation of the thin and graceful letters using laser cutting,
  • resistance to the external environmental conditions.
    The Factoria company offers its customers metal volumetric letters of various shapes, sizes and designs, which allows to choose the best option for each specific customer.

Metal letters – how is it done?

The letters are made of stainless steel with a wide variety of characteristics, which significantly increases the range of available prices to the consumers. The customer can choose both matte and glossy type of surface, or combined – scratched, and also opt for gold, silver or powder-painted method in any RAL color.

The volumetric metal letters are installed on the distance holders, or directly mounted on the wall. The advertising structure is equipped with the backlight to work effectively 24/7. Several types of backlighting are used while producing the volumetric metal letters:
the internal LED front,
the contour LED,
the external which is used in rare cases. It can be halogen, metal halide or LED floodlight.

Order the metal letters

You can complete an order for metal volumetric letters on the Faktoria website or by calling us at the numbers listed below. If you need a sign for the reception area, or a stylish front sign, or maybe an impressive roof installation made of volumetric letters, then you’ve come to the right place. We guarantee you a professional approach and minimum terms for order fulfillment. You can get acquainted with our works right now, choosing the most successful sample for yourself.