Today 3D letters are the best selling advertising products on the market. And 3D backlit acrylic letters take up more than 70% of all advertising signs. Due to the high quality of the letters and good performance characteristics they can be efficiently used as outdoor and indoor advertising tools. They endure all types of precipitation quite well and have shown a perfect ability to resist the influence of the sun and are always ready for significant temperature changes. The operational life of 3D acrylic letters depends on these factors, and on average it is 7 years. In the sun the partial loss of brightness of the material is possible.

How 3D Letters Are Made?

For the manufacture of 3D acrylic letters plastic with high performance characteristics is used. For production the Factoria company uses materials and components bought from reliable and trusted suppliers and manufacturers. Today customers have the opportunity to choose acryl from the following categories:

  • Transparent (colored or colorless).
  • Opaque (white and other shades).
  • Translucent (optional color).

When choosing a material one should take into account the source of lighting. For 3D backlit acryl letters these can be:

  • LED strips or light bulbs;
  • neon tubes.

Fluorescent lamps are no longer used in 3D LED letters manufacturing due to their short operational life and the necessity of being replaced when they burn out. The control of the illumination of the advertising sign is realized by an automatic day-night controller. It provides high-quality and flawless operation. As a result, you do not need to control power on-off of the advertising sign yourself. When it is getting dark, it will automatically turn on, and at dawn it will go out. This small element will also save a significant portion of the budget by cutting down on energy costs.

The front panel of the letters is made by means of a special milling machine with an industrial laser. In the process of production colored or light-scattering milk acryl is used. If necessary, the front panel is covered with a special light-scattering Oracal colored film. The sides of each letter can be illuminated and made of acryl. They also can be non-illuminated and in this case they are made of PVC. The sides of the letters are often covered with colored Oracal vinyl film.

Size matters

The classic height of 3D backlit letters varies from 15 cm to 200 cm. Their thickness usually varies from 7 to 20 cm. Everything depends on the characteristics of the LEDs used in the production.

LED acrylic letters can be installed on almost any supporting surface. If the weight and size of the letter are larger than the standard ones, a separate structure is additionally produced. It is usually made from a profile pipe.

Product Innovation – 3D Letters from Liquid Acrylic
Brith Light’s is innovative technology. It uses liquid acrylic and colored aluminum sides to create 3D letters. Such technology has greatly increased the quality and durability of outdoor signage. The main advantages of this technology:

  • colored aluminum profile on the sides has made it possible to re the less durable film;
  • the rigidity and strength of the letters has increased; the translucent ends have disappeared;
  • liquid acryl is much brighter than standard sheet material; it has made the of outlines of each letter clearer and improved its overall presentable look.

Acrylic Letters to Order

The Faktoria company will professionally make 3D acryl letters of various shapes, sizes, designs. In our work, we take into account all our customers’ wishes for design and provide high quality guarantees.

You can expect from us:

  • flexible prices;
  • assistance in the selection of materials;
  • development of personal design;
  • production and delivery of the order within the agreed period.