Shop signage is our competitive advantage

One of the most informative and prominent types of advertising in Kiev is outdoor signs. They are original and memorable, they immediately attract the attention of potential clients, presenting the company in the most favorable light.

It is important to  design the layout correctly, think over the design, and choose reliable and high-quality material for such advertising products in order to work for 100%. The correctly selected place for its placement plays an important role.
Only then  you 
can expect the advertisement to work even while you and your employees are resting. Considering the high competition, it is better to order shop signs from the real professionals in their area.
Only in this case your sign will stand out against the background of other competitors, and a well-developed and executed design will prompt the clients to choose your shop, cafe, restaurant, office.

Manufacturing of shop signs in Kiev


If you are already ready to change something in the branding of your company, but still hesitate with the choice of a company to implement your idea. Then we, the creative team of Faktoria, offer a full range of turnkey works.

Our specialists:

  • not only develop a project according to customer’s requirements,
  • can help you to choose high-quality material,
  • will work out the location of the finished shop signs, shop windows.
    Due to the wide range of materials that we use, we can offer our customers signs in both the budgets, inexpensive market segment, and premium class signs.

The most popular among customers are signs for Kiev shops:

  • with backlight,
  • with volumetric letters,
  • with a 3D logo,
  • without backlight.
    But most often we combine several types of advertising in one project.
    And to save the budget, many clients choose a ready-made layout, and there are a large number of them in the Factoria portfolio.The designers will only have to finish the details, which will be cheaper in price and faster in terms of order execution speed.

    Our experts

    will also help you to develop signboards for shop windows that match the overall style of the brand and harmoniously combine with the developed layout.

Where and how to order a shop sign? The delivery and installation.

Modern advertising signs can be of any size, shape and design. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can make it both completely miniature or massive and visible from any point of view on the street or square.

Moreover, customers always have a chance to save money using their own layout or a ready-made template.
But, it is  still better to order an exclusive advertising. The price of such shop sign will be a little higher, but the effect of its installation will exceed all the bold expectations of the customer. Our specialists are always guided by the expected result, selecting only high-quality and durable materials for the creation of the advertising products.
Banners with the backlight volumetric letters. A wide range of materials and technologies used for its production allows our specialists to make each new banner exclusive and memorable. The same variety of options is offered as the backlight – the internal or the  
external illumination of the letters, the illuminaion along the contour, point, monochrome and multicolor backlight.

Luminous lightbox. A budget type of advertising,

representing a box with a transparent surface where the advertising information is applied. Luminescent lighting of any color is installed inside the box. The edges of the box are made of metal which guarantees reliability and durability of the entire structure.
The delivery of the product is carried out across Ukraine, as well as the CIS countries and abroad.