Volumetric letters with illumination (Illuminated) – one of the best solutions for advertising a company

Nowadays it’s no wonder that every company that endeavours to develop and grow (notwithstanding its organisational level), strives to create a delightful view of its services, enterprise, and products for customers and partners.

Moreover, everyone will agree that the first acquaintance with your brand starts with a sign. Surely, this is the ultimate thing that allows us to figure out the prestige of the company and that creates a deep impression to cross our minds. Hence, if you want your start-up to be recognized as a trustworthy partner and your client audience to grow, you will need to come to think of this outdoor advertisement.

At this moment, let your choice fall on top-notch volumetric letters with backlighting, which are produced by Faktoria – the great company, which provides a wide range of promotional products for any business.

Stylish design, bright memorable looks, and flickering light will make each passerby incapable to take their eyes off your facades. Our world class experts will come up with outstanding visual effects for your future sign and get sure – they will reach the hearts of the most demanding clients.

Main features and manufacturing boasts

Did you know that Backlit letters are highly effective advertising elements with an unlimited range of possibilities?

To create letters we use high-quality materials: plastic, stainless steel plus acrylic. They are well known by toughness and durability, therefore they give a presentable look to sign structures without any loss of their qualities for a long time.

Our experts carry out professional installation, after which the acrylic masterpiece with backlights will not only captivate the attention of your loyal devotees but also appeal to new customers.

Thanks to the usage of LED strips, it became possible to do vivid impressions and inordinate lighting effects which will stay in our memories for ages. With a luring sign like this, your company will definitely become famed.

Our specialists master both open and internal lights. The structures are airtight so that they are protected from negative influences of any damaging factors.

In order to overlap a radiant effect on the contours, we apply openwork illumination contour techniques. That’s why everyone who sees Factoria‘s signs in no time will dive into the space of three-dimensional illumination.

Delivery and installation

If you decide to order luminous volumed letters – don’t hesitate to contact our company!

We offer affordable prices and convenient ways of cooperation. We ship signs across the boundaries of Ukraine, CIS countries, and other countries as well.

While fulfilling an order, we do our best to turn all customers’ wishes into reality and to fuse them with the latest trends in the advertising design industry.

Our company can produce elements of any complexity. With no term violation, you will get your sign on time or even ahead.

All products we manufacture meet generally accepted engineering standards, stick to the rules of outdoor advertising and follow basic safety requirements.