Volumetric letters without backlighting are an important element of brand affirmation

Any structure, regardless of its level and the type of activity, necessarily uses the signs that attract the visitors and perform the advertising functions.

You can order any kind of signs, including the volumetric letters without backlight in our company. It is an extremely successful element of advertising that allows to emphasize important details.

The three-dimensional construction makes the right impression, making the company stand out. It is usually used the 
backlight in its decor, but it can be installed without backlights in the cases where the sign is mounted in a room that is well lit.

The volumetric letters without special lighting elements are also installed for decorative purposes.

The volumetric letters advertising is a budgetary, but very effective way for a company to declare itself and its product and attract the customers. It allows to save money on the installation of LED lamps.

The advantages of ordering non-light volumetric letters

  • The volumetric letters without illumination, the price of which is democratic in the “Faktoria”, differ in obvious advantages, including:
  • an unobtrusive impact on the potential customers;
  • the high level of strength and durability;
  • resistance to the external adverse conditions;
  • the light weight of the whole construction;
  • the uthe se of high quality modern materials;
  • stylish modern design;
  • fast installation.
    Volumetric non-light letters that are made in Kiev will be extremely quickly paid off. If you decide to order volumetric non-light letters in our company, you can feel the economic effect after a short time.
    This method of outdoor advertising does not require serious investments and can fulfill its function for many years.
    We create letters that do not lose their quality and color under the influence of precipitation or direct sunlight. They are not destroyed by climatic or weather conditions.

What varieties of volumetric letters are there?

Volumetric letters made of paper or volumetric letters made of pvc, which we can produce at the request of the client, look extremely stylish, they do not flash or glow, it means that they do not require replacement of the elements.

In order to attract the attention of passers-by, the volumetric letters on the wall are usually made in large sizes and bright colors that highlight them on the solid background.

The price of the non-light volumetric letters

non-light letters, the price of which is presented on our website, are made in the design that our customers choose. You can buy the volumetric letters in our company by contacting the manager or make a purchase on our resource.
You can order the volumetric letters from different materials – aluminum profile, PVC, plastic, acrylic glass. Specialists will place the necessary color accents and use decorative elements 
at your request.

The delivery and installation of the non-light volumetric letters

In our company you can order any kind of the volumetric letters at a quite low price withthe  delivery around Ukraine, as well as around the CIS countries and abroad. The letters are made according to an individual design, which you can always discuss with our managers by the phone numbers, indicated on the website.