Signs for reception offices – stylish company presentation

Reception offices for customers and partners should have unique design, and signboards for reception offices play crucial role. First of all, they are the most important element of the company’s image, which perform not only advertising, but also informational and decorative function.

It is able to win the respect of visitors, increasing the level of prestige of the structure, which they visited. In that part of the company’s premises, which is often called the “face” of the company, the name and logo, brand names and elements are usually placed.

It also provides information about the activities and achievements of employees, welcomes and sees off visitors. The visitor immediately pays attention to the situation, and if it is welcoming and affable, he immediately develops respect and desire to cooperate.

Types of signs for reception offices: offers from “Faktoria”

Our company develops and creates a variety of signs for office, including:

  • Reception logo. Steel letters, black acrylic.
  • Backlit logo.
  • Volumetric acrylic logos.
  • Stainless steel letters, black acrylic backing.
  • Backlit company logo.
  • Stainless steel, acrylic letters without backlight.
  • Volumetric letters with backlight.
  • Symbols, logo for the head office.
  • Brass letters on a transparent acrylic base.
  • Volumetric logo, illumination along the contour.
  • Metal letters without illumination.
    For the production of signs for the company, we also use stainless steel, colored acrylics, which allow us to create a stylish composition that harmoniously complements with the original office interior.

Why you should order from us?

The specialists of our company will accept your order, listening to any of your suggestions and comments. Clients can choose the project they like on our website or offer their own version, which will be made in accordance with all the comments.

Our company offers favorable terms of cooperation and quite affordable prices. In the production of signs, we use innovative technologies and materials, constantly expanding the list of our proposals.

One of the undoubted advantages of our products is their professional design.

The sign made by highly qualified specialists will look perfect in your office, in harmony with all interior elements.

It is impossible to properly arrange the reception without using the new format signs. It is precisely such products that can be ordered at Faktoria, whose team is constantly improving their knowledge and skills.

We have all the necessary modern equipment, highly qualified human resources to complete all the work provided for on time and deliver the order on time.

By contacting our company, you can be sure of the high quality of signage intended for your office. The characteristic advantage of these products is their strength and durability.

They are not susceptible to deterioration and retain their presentable appearance for a long time.

Office designers are well aware of the importance of professionally executed signs in the general perception of the premises, therefore they must take this detail into account while creating design projects.

Well-executed logo, information plates and other advertising and informational elements will emphasize the style of your office, and will create a wonderful impression of the company and its staff, who you can trust.