Office signs – your company guide

Modern office signs in Kiev have already lost their purely informational function. Thanks to innovative technologies and creativity of the designers of the Faktoria company, they are real decoration of the entire office space.

Making office signs – how to order?

We perform all types of turnkey work: from the creation of a design layout, its approval by the customer, corrections and adjustments, to the development of a final product, and, if necessary, assembly work and installation. In addition, during the period of operation, there occurs need in repair, replacement of lamps and other types of service work. At Faktoria we will be able to carry out such work quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Types of office signs

The company “Faktoria” in Kiev offers its clients the development of design from scratch, taking into account the wishes, corporate style, the size of the budget allocated for advertising purposes.For those customers who value speed and budget savings, we will be able to offer ready-made projects, there are a great many of them in our showroom. You can always choose a ready-made option that best suits the tastes and needs of the customer.The assortment includes:

  • Facade signs.
  • Signs on the door.
  • Service plates.
  • Index plates.
  • Table signs.
  • Materials for signage
    Thanks to the use of modern materials, we will be able to realize the most daring ideas and solutions of the customer in the office sign.

Moreover, such a sign can be made of expensive materials – brass, bronze, stainless steel, composite using laser engraving, etching or full-color printing.

The use of more budgetary plastic, acrylic, plexiglass does not make the sign made from it less presentable or cheap.

With the help of our specialists, it takes on a perfect form and appearance. Its real decoration and highlight will be volumetric images, metal frames, accessories that act as fasteners.

These details will accentuate the style, only slightly increasing the cost of the final product.

Today, reception signs, service signs, signboards are often supplemented with illumination, which makes them more voluminous and noticeable, as well as underlines the information, which is important for office employees and clients.

The design of a light office sign can be realized in a multicolor and monochrome solution, it all depends on the corporate palette of the customer’s company.

For office signs in Kiev, installed on the facade of a building, more durable materials are used that do not corrode under the influence of external factors.

In our work, we often use anti-vandal technologies that allow us to achieve a long service life without using additional security measures, and therefore decreasing the client’s costs.

For table plates, simple and affordable materials are used, but the high aesthetics of such products is achieved through the design and usage of important details – shape, size, color scheme, frame, information application technology.

We are ready to provide our customers with a fast execution of all types of work, an individual approach, flexible rates, realizing that for many customers the price factor is decisive when choosing a company.

We do not only promise all this to our customers, but also keep our word. Come and order office signs in Kiev right now – we are ready to discuss your projects and immediately start implementing them.