Stainless steel plates – stylish presentation for your company.

To the advertising facade plates, which operate throughout the year under extreme conditions, meet the highest standards. Stainless steel plates are one of the most presentable, expensive, but at the same time problem-free options. Once created and installed stainless steel plates will serve the customer from 20 to 50 years. Such material is selected by long-term clients despite the relatively high cost, is chosen by customers with long-term business plans. The advertising panel, without any unnecessary words, will tell the potential buyer or employee of the company about its status, will emphasize the corporate style. Besides, the customer will be able to choose not the standard, metal shine of his sign, but the more expensive and rich – with gold plating.

Manufacture of stainless steel plate.If you want to order stainless steel tablets for your company today, but do not know which company to choose? Then the specialists of the company «Faktoria» will be able to offer you a wide range of services:

Development of a layout according to the requirements of the customer.
Redesign of the finished design from our portfolio.
Selection of material, size, method of application of information.
Compliance with the common corporate style of your company.

The advertising plates on stainless steel have a stylish smooth surface, the customer will be able to choose a glossy or matte variant of it. There are many ways of metal processing, so the end result is always distinguished by its exclusivity, the selected standard project looks stylish and expensive. In production, a steel sheet with a thickness of up to 1.5 mm is processed, depending on the technology of applying information chosen by the customer:

With the help of special enamel resistant to atmospheric precipitation.
Chemical engraving.

Laser cutting.

Stainless steel plates with engraving have a three-dimensional appearance and are supplemented with metal racks. In this way, the plate is fixed to the surface at a certain angle, which adds volume.
Stainless stainless steel plates can be fixed to a wooden substrate, creating a voluminous effect and underlining style.

Office signs.

Stainless steel is often used in the manufacture of interior signs. It’s use emphasizes the status of the owner of the cabinet, supports the image of the company, it’s management. The most frequent designers of «Faktories» develop stainless steel office plates. In our showroom there are several variants of model projects, their use will save budget and increase production speed of ordering.

Advantages of stainless steel plate.

The advantages of stainless steel plates are primarily due to the material itself, which has:
High durability over 10 years, no deterioration in appearance.

A wide range of options for processing and applying advertising information.

Presentational and aesthetic.

In addition, the finished product – the sign – does not require additional maintenance throughout the entire period of operation, which also matters when the customer chooses the material. At any time of the year, it will perform its functions perfectly at no additional cost. The only thing I have to do is wipe the plate with a regular dust wipe.