Are you planning to open an office space or have decided to radically change the image of the old area then glass office plates will be a good solution for your interior decoration.In addition, they also carry a significant advertising capacity by informing your visitors about important points in some business activity – the work schedule, for example, or the names of your employees and their positions, maybe indicate the office location, etc.The original modern glass plates manufactured in Kiev (Ukraine) have a laconic rectangular shape, they are installing on all types of wall surfaces.  It can be brick, plastered or even concrete walls, wooden doors and panels. In most cases, Fakoria‘s clients choose this type of advertising signboard for their interior – on the office doors, for example, or the designation of the reception area as a table plate. Although thanks to innovative technologies of material processing and printing, they also look appropriate and presentable as outdoor advertising – an office sign on the facade of a building, or an entrance door.

How to order such original glass signboard?

In order to order Factoria glass door plates, the customer can choose one of the solutions we offer:

  1. Choose a ready-made signboard sample on the company’s website and order exactly the same one. The main advantages of this solution :
    • you do not need to come to the office of our company by yourself;
    • high speed of your order fulfillment;
    • sending anywhere in the country.
  2. Bring to the office of the company or send the finished layout by e-mail. Some advantages of this solution:
    • you will save money on design creation;
    • you quickly receive any of ready-made signboards;
    • you have the possibility of sending the order by mail or bring it to the office of the company.
  1. Order a layout and production of a turnkey glass signboard. These basic advantages:
    • the designer will develop a design based on the wishes of the customer;
    • we take into account that such a sign should be exclusive and memorable;
    • the design uses non-standard solutions;
    • any delivery is possible by mail.

Benefits of glass plates

You are planning to make a signboard on the door but doubt in the practicality of the glass material. Then take a deep look at its competitive advantages:

  • the glass is 4 mm thick and has high strength;
  • in production, it is given a matte or glossy effect;
  • the glass surface is not scratched;
  • you can choose the usual clear or decorative toned glass;
  • glass has great resistance to atmospheric temperature fluctuations, precipitation;
  • the inflicted on glass signboard information does not fade in the sun;
  • any glass products have a competitive cost.

All produced plates for any doors have a special fastening system that performs not only fastening but also a decorative function. To further increase the advertising capacity on the glass sign, as well as emphasize its grace and lightness, you can complement it with a LED-backlighting system. Our specialists will help you choose the best option for your task.

Glass signboard cost

The cost of the finished product is primarily influenced by the material processing way and the method of inflicting advertising information. Our customers can order both the most budgetary and the most expensive version of the signboard. For the manufacture of glass signboard used:

  • chemical etching technology – to give a matte surface to the entire product or individual information elements;
  • self-adhesive foil application technology – for inflicting information;
  • incrustation method – for giving a three-dimensional effect;
  • color printing technology on glass material.

The signboard may combine several of the proposed options at the same time, which ultimately forms the price of the finished product.