Brass plates highlight the status of the company

Advertising signs are a good way to convey the necessary and useful information to your potential buyer. But the front brass plates Kiev unobtrusively tell customers that they are facing a company with a high image status. Such signs not only have a presentable kind, but also they are distinguished by good operational properties – high durability, minimal maintenance, and resistance to atmospheric precipitation. Today, many companies can afford to install brass plaques not only on the facade of a building, but also indoors. They look appropriately on the door of the director of the company, in the central hall, in the main lobby, as a table plate. In addition to the informational component, a company logo is often placed on such a sign.

Where to order brass plaques in Kiev?

Have you decided what kind of sign should hang on the facade of your company office? If not, our designers will help you in this matter at a high professional level. The Faktoria Company specializes in the production of advertising products of any complexity. In our work, we use a wide variety of materials and technologies. Today you can buy brass plates with the following competitive advantages:

Long service life without loss of external characteristics.

  • Laconic, stylish design.
  • Multiple mounting options for all types of surfaces.
  • Maintenance is not required during operation.
  • Use of monochrome and multicolor designs.

To order brass plaques in Kiev, the price of which will be quite democratic and competitive, take the opportunity to save:

Choose a ready-made version of the sign on our website and order yours using the same template. The price of the complete product will pleasantly surprise you.

Bring the complete project, and we will make you a brass plate at a more affordable price.

Nevertheless, we recommend making such a durable and fashionable product as brass plates according to a personal layout. Our specialists will develop a laconic and exclusive version of the layout that will attract your potential customers or buyers. Given the fact that such a sign will last a very long time, this is a reasonable waste for the long term.

Features of design and material

The specialists of “Faktoria” in the layout use a variety of types of design and metal processing technologies. Brass has those universal characteristics where the master has no restrictions. In production, sheets of metal of the most varied thickness are used from 1.8 to 7 mm, which ultimately affects the cost of the complete sign. Most often, customers order engraved brass plates that look stylish and laconic. Plates with flat or convex letters are also popular; the latter impart a light volume to the printed information. Such plates have a glossy background, although it is possible to achieve a matte effect, which in more exclusive design options is created for the interior. Brushed brass signs are more vulnerable to weather conditions. When drawing up the design, specialists also develop methods for attaching the plate, taking into account the features of the surfaces for fasteners, the wishes of the customer.

You can order brass plates in Kiev right now by contacting us by contact numbers or by sending an application. You will be able to fill out an application, order a project, make a payment and receive a complete product.