Bronze plaques are professional design and high quality!

The Faktoria Company offers a wide range of advertising products, without which it is impossible to organize properly the work of any enterprise, organization or institution.Bronze plates perform an informational, navigational function; they are an excellent indicator, allowing visitors or clients to obtain the necessary data. They are also used as memorial and commemorative signs. After reviewing the catalog, you will understand an exact idea of ​​the work of our team, which is in demand today in various fields – commercial, industrial, educational, medical, scientific. This type of product is one of the most demanded in the arrangement of the work of offices, banks, public organizations.

How to order bronze plaques?

To place an order, you can use the contacts on our website and call the manager or fill out an online application. Our specialists will contact you and clarify all the details, clients can also choose another method, and it is a personal visit to the company, providing all the necessary data that is used in the manufacture of plates. In their production, only high-quality materials, which are distinguished by their strength and excellent performance characteristics, are used. The bronze surface retains its presentable appearance for a long time, and plaques, which are made of this material, testify to the high status of the structure, its leaders and owners.

Our experts will help you to place an order and agree on all the details, taking into account the wishes and recommendations of customers. Plates, which are made of bronze Kiev, are an obligatory element of corporate culture, which looks extremely stylish in the interior of shops, offices, shopping, cultural, exhibition centers. We carry out orders for the production of information plates and license plates, as well as design and we create plates for historical buildings, commemorative signs indicating the place of residence of historical and cultural figures.

In our company, you can order unique bronze products that emphasize the aesthetic value of buildings.

In Faktoria you can buy bronze plaques on favorable terms, choosing any shape and decor that will attract the attention of visitors.

Advantages of products from “Faktoria”

Our company provides a full range of services, dealing with:

  • Acceptance and study of the specifics of the order;
  • Design development;
  • Settlement transactions, providing the necessary documentation to customers;
  • Production of plates;
  • Delivery and installation

A full cycle of turnkey services is especially in demand among busy people who deservedly trust real professionals, we choose durable bronze that will last for decades, and even look decent in an open space. Bronze items created by our specialists decorate entrance doors and offices, exhibition exhibits, monuments. We use modern technologies to create a product with clear detail, which will become an indispensable element of the interior or exterior decor.