Acrylic plaques are an important attribute of the business world

Beautiful and stylish signs are a company status confirmation no matter what level it’s on. If they are necessary for your office, office rooms, departments, and all kinds of zones and premises, order acrylic plates at “Faktoria”. You can specify the shape, color, express any wishes you have on the design and other parameters. Having powerful technical and human resources, and being armed with the latest methods and technologies we embody original solutions.

Exceptional and stylish

Presentable acrylic plates “Kiev” not only help to orientate correctly in the office or other premises but also serve as an element of corporate identity. Acrylic plaques for monuments greatly differ with their exceptional durability, they withstand adverse weather and climatic conditions. Our company manufactures products to order in short time frames, guaranteeing a personal approach to every client.

Acrylic plates on the table look organically in the interior of an office and will serve for a long time. Acrylic plaques are ideal for using as information signs and indicators that are used both indoors and outdoors. Acrylic door plates come in different colors, they are completely non-toxic and preserve their stylish look for a long time.

Features of the manufacture of acrylic plates

Acrylic plaques are made of 3-6 mm thick cast acrylic. Clients can choose a transparent or colored base. The choice of design style is negotiated with the customer. You can order products directly on our website by contacting the manager by phone if necessary. Our experts are ready to consult you on any issue related to the choice of material, design, and other aspects. Experienced craftsmen are also involved in the installation of advertising materials and fixing the signs.
Backlit acrylic plaques, which are used in various establishments, trading floors, exhibition centers, shops have great popularity among clients. Our team always listens to individual offers, having all opportunities for fulfilling them.

A4 acrylic plaques are extremely expressive, they are distinguished by striking designs. We select harmonious color compositions and style. This decision will ensure the success of your company, testifying to its prestige.

Our company has rich experience in the advertising and design field, using innovative equipment and advanced technologies. The advantages of cooperating with us are obvious – affordable prices, high-quality guarantees for all products. We take orders of any complexity and fulfill them in a short time. Acrylic plates also perform a decorative function, being a room decor item. They are necessary not only for informing but also for attracting the attention of visitors. Our products are an indispensable element that forms the company’s image, creates a favorable impression on customers, inspiring confidence in them. Our team is always working to achieve the desired result, which fully meets the most stringent requirements of our customers.