A popular advertising product or a plastic plate has become widespread due to the cheapness of the material, ease of processing, information application. Today many companies, offices, organizations, private entrepreneurs, use plastic plates Kiev. Thanks to modern processing methods, this inexpensive material in the hands of specialists gets quite presentable. From the outside, you will not immediately find the difference.

Production of plastic plates Kiev

Before the pvc plaques become a real advertising product, they have to fall into the hands of real professionals in their field. Specialists of the Faktoria Company create real miracles of design, turning ordinary plastic into plastic plates on doors, facades, offices. The material has a standard white shade, but this should not confuse customers who have a different color scheme of their brand from this shade. With the help of self-adhesive film, the desired shade will be given to the sideboard during production. The application of advertising information is also carried out by the application method, and in the more expensive version, the plates are printed on plastic.

Range of product “custom-made plastic signs”

The Faktoria Company develops a turnkey design, and works with ready-made projects of customers, making plastic plates whose price is very competitive and democratic. In addition, the exclusive design allows using such advertising options as plastic signs at a press conference, where it will be in front of hundreds of people for a very short time. In addition to a memorable design, plastic labels for price tags must have high reliability and durability, which will allow the company to avoid additional costs. Having ordered a design at Faktoria once, you can always apply again, and we will use a ready-made layout for the production of the next batch of price tags. Nonresident customers can fulfill an order remotely by choosing the best product option in our showroom.

We develop plastic home signs, choosing for this plastic the radiation, which is resistant to weathering and UV. This will serve as an additional guarantee of durability. In crowded places, it is recommended to place vandal-proof plastic signs on Kiev doors, which can withstand additional loads. There is also a special technology for applying information for rooms with high humidity, what is also taken into account by our specialists when preparing a design layout.

You can buy service plastic plates right now; our specialists have already developed their design. Choosing a suitable option, you can significantly save on price. We can send the order to any part of the country by the postal company that the customer will choose.

Today, a plastic sign is a synonym to a word advantage.

Choosing advertising plastic signs in A4 format or any other format in the Faktoria Company, our customer receives:

Inexpensive promotional product with high quality design.

The ability to add a frame, profile to the plate, making it more presentable.

Ease of installation and easy replacement.

In all these cases, it is possible to buy plastic plates with high consumer properties, to imitate material that is more expensive without overpaying a high price. We guarantee you the quality of work, speed, and the agreed terms of order execution.