Address Signs as an Element of Advertising and Decor

To find your way around easier in a city or any other locality, the plates indicating the address and the name of the object are used. The Faktoria company manufactures address signs in Kiev. They are used by our clients both as one of the important advertising elements and a detail of the facade decor.A beautiful plaque designed following the criteria of corporate culture will help guests, visitors, partners or customers find you faster. It is also an essential information sign for consumer services, couriers, medical aid.

Address Plates: Diversity of Products on Offer

You can order the address plaques by phone or using our website. It will save you time, especially if you don’t have an opportunity to visit the office. Factoria offers a huge range of quality products. All of them are made according to a template or designed in compliance with the customer’s preferences. You can choose simple designs of different shapes and colors, or light boxes, acrylights, products made of metal, plastic, acrylic. We also produce plates with illumination and engraving.

The most modern equipment and technologies are used in our production. Therefore, we are ready to successfully realize any idea of customers, even if it is the most daring one. By the way, our clients can choose not only the shape and color but also the typeface design, decorative elements, materials.

Plates are usually ordered for private houses, offices, commercial buildings, and almost all other objects. Our company also carries out professional installation, thanks to which the plate will be firmly fixed and will serve for many years.

Address signs printed on metal and other materials retain their flawless appearance for a long time. They are not spoiled by the influence of negative climatic conditions.

Our specialists turn metal address signs into a real work of art. The metal address plates go well together with the general design of the building, for a long time. Passers-by bear them in mind for a long time and they are sure to visit the institution.

The Advantages That our Company Offers


When equipping your office, business, or home, take care of address plates.

By entrusting their manufacturing to our specialists, you will get the unquestionable advantages. They consist of the high quality of the final product, the quick order processing. As a rule, this simple or more complex structure is installed on the facade. It serves to inform visitors that a company, office is located in this building or room or certain people live here. Every family, enterprise, firms of different levels, organizations need it.

A modern technology and production base is at our company’s disposal. We use different materials and constantly expand the list of our offers.

Therefore, we will be able to carry out any order to the full, taking into account the preferences of our customers.

We clarify all the details with the customer and provide calculations and documents. You will certainly appreciate the high level of service and a decent quality of our products. They successfully fulfill not only the information and navigation mission but serve as an advertisement that attracts customers and makes it easier for them to find the necessary goods and services.