Memorial signboards – exclusive and durable

Memorial signs in Kiev meet residents and guests of the capital at almost every step. Better than any guide, they will tell you, which famous person lived in a particular house and also tell about the monument erected in the park.

Every architectural site protected by the state or UNESCO is simply required to have a memorial plaque. The uniqueness of such advertising products is that all commemorative signs are purely individual and it is simply impossible to find 2 identical ones. Therefore, each model created by the specialists of the Faktoria company is a personal work with the customer.

How are memorial signs made?

Most of the plaques, once installed, are used outdoors all year round. Such extreme conditions require the use of only wear-resistant materials that are inclined to withstand dramatically changing ambient temperatures, precipitation and exposure to ultraviolet radiation.Therefore, along with design, an important stage in the production of commemorative signs is the choice of material. The most common options are: stainless steel, brass, bronze. These metals, in addition to high reliability, are distinguished by good presentability. They emphasize the important status of the information.

In order to create memorial signs in Kiev Faktoria specialists will perform:

  • Vector layout project.
  • Computer 3D model.
  • Development of a wax model.

Memorial signs made of brass, cast iron or bronze, made by casting, are highly reliable. They do not require any additional care and service.

Such sign will last for many years. When creating a project of a memorial plaque, one can provide for both a monochrome version and in color.

The customer will be able to choose an arbitrary size of the final product, there are no additional restrictions in this parameter.

At the stage of the project, a method of fastening is also being developed – mechanical or on an adhesive basis. The choice of methods depends on the surface, which the advertising plate will be installed on.

Types of products from “Faktoria


  • The range of memorial signboards is very wide, in the showroom of our company there are is collection of typical samples that will help customers to estimate our capabilities.We will design and manufacture:
  • Signboards with cast fonts.
  • Engraved metal plates.
  • Cast bronze signs and commemorative signs.
  • Plates on temples, squares, fountains.
  • Memorial signs with artistic casting.
    All types of work by Faktoria specialists are carried out with a guarantee. By ordering a commemorative sign from us for a specific date, you will receive it just on time.You can also order something remotely or you can come to our office and talk to our designers personally. Ready orders can be received in person, by self-pickup and, if necessary, by mail. We operate quickly, effectively and professionally.