Advertising is one of the most essential sales tools. There are many different types of outdoor advertising. As practice shows, the illuminated sign on the building is the most popular way of goods and services promotion. One of the main reasons to install a light sign is to get yourself noticed, attract attention to your company and your products. It can also be used as a marking-sign. People have recently begun to look for stores that offer profitable bargains and interesting products. Therefore, your place should be easily found and kept in mind.  We suggest ordering the light signs in Kiev to achieve this goal.
The Faktoria company not only produces light signs but also installs them. We will choose individual product design for you and make it as efficient as possible.

Why do You Need an Illuminated Sign?

When starting your own business, it is vital to inform your customers about it. But, even having learned about your existence, the consumer should be able to find you. 3D light signs will help you to do this.
They fulfill several important functions:

  • A light sign helps people find their way around. To make this task easier for your potential clients you need to choose the right and attractive visual sign;
  • You should inform your client how you can be useful to him or her, and in a short time you are to give to a passerby as much information as possible;
  • Image creation. The first impression plays a great role for the client. In this case, the proverb “You can judge a book by its cover” works quite well. The brighter and more creative your sign, the more eye-catching it will prove to be for a passer-by. As a result, the probability that a potential client will visit the establishment after looking at its sign increases significantly.

Modern Types of Illuminated Signs

All signs differ in style, shape, and size. It all depends on the amount of money you are ready to invest in the creation of an advertising product. The bigger the investment, the more interesting and diverse the signs with ads can be. And accordingly, the demand for the company’s products with such a signboard will grow substantially.

Light signs manufactured in Kiev


by the Factoria company are characterized by high-quality materials, durability, and attractiveness. You can order the following types of LED signs from us:

  • illuminated 3D-signs (letters);
  • pseudo-volume letters;
  • backlit signs (light elements are installed at the back);
  • LED scrolling signs.


The Cost of Making LED Signs

The price of illuminated sign manufacture is formed individually and depends on several factors:

  • material – acrylic, PVC, metal, wood;
  • backlight type – LEDs, light modules, fluorescent lamps, neon tubes;
  • the size;
  • the complexity of the design;
  • production lot size.

Some types of signage can be connected to a control system. That allows operating the light sign in the remote mode by changing the flicker effects.

Why is it Worth Ordering the Production of an Illuminated Sign from Us?

The Factoria company offers:

  • the development of a unique design, which takes into account the customer’s preferences;
  • production of signs of any complexity in a short time frame and at a reasonable price;
  • installation of light signs of any difficulty level;
  • registration of official permission to install outdoor advertising;
  • maintenance service.

We use the most modern production technologies and quality materials. If you want a long-time and efficient advertising, you are welcome to order 3D light signs from our “Faktoria” company. For all questions, please, contact the manager by phone or write by e-mail. We will deliver the goods with a courier across Kiev or through the “New Mail” service to any locality in Ukraine.