Engraved nameplates have found wide application in design of doors and facades of office premises, in creation of personalized sports trophies, in making of exclusive souvenirs and product labeling.The main advantages of such plates are their durability and reliability. The information printed on them does not wear out and does not deteriorate over time. The use of various materials allows you to get the end results of different quality at varying costs.

Manufacturing of metal plates with engraving in Kiev

Thanks to the use of modern methods of laser engraving, Faktoria specialists provide their customers with high detail and quality of the printed information. We are ready to implement any of your ideas, be it simple inscriptions or complex drawings, on plates in a variety of metals including brass, aluminum or stainless steel.


In some cases, such as making plates for monuments, we use mechanical engraving. Engraved plates come in various sizes, shapes, designs. You can place your order by phone or by sending us an email.


Laser engraved plates: samples

Gifts. They are used to personalize gifts for weddings, anniversary or birthday celebrations. The plate can contain a concise text or a quatrain, and be signed by the giver. Thanks to such a plate, any gift becomes unique.

Souvenir. The plate of this type serves as an addition to souvenir products, turning them into personalized, branded or simply exclusive items.

Sports. Most often, they are used to decorate cups, medals, and other sports trophies. The engraved metal plaque turns any sports trophy into a personalized item, consequently increasing its value. Even a challenge cup with such a plate can find its new owner every year without any problems.

Informational. The widest range of products used for doors, office interiors and building facades. The plates of this type often designate the reception areas of restaurants, hotels, reception desks or conference rooms.

Technical. These plates are intended for labeling products manufactured in Ukraine and, according to regulations, they must contain technical information.

Corporate. Nameplates with corporate symbols bring any office unique charm and style. They are a good present to regular customers or business partners.

Plates with engraved price

The cost of making engraved plates depends on the chosen design, the size of the plate and the complexity of the work. The price also directly depends on the material of the plate and the engraving area. Choosing ready-made designs and standard sizes will significantly reduce the price and lead-time. We also work with layouts and sketches of our clients. For the laser-engraved plates we use corrosion-resistant and durable materials such as stainless steel, brass or anodized aluminum with matte, satin or glossy finishes.


You can order door, address, desktop, or interior plates with engraving at Faktoria right now by looking at the catalog of our works and using the contact information on the website.