Office plaques meet us in every organization. They are a kind of guide to various offices, helping to find the right office or person. Of course, we do not look closely at them on purpose, but nevertheless they cut into our memory, helping to create our own map of the entire company. Therefore, it is definitely not worth neglecting this important component of the design.

Production of office plaques in Kiev

Today companies do not have any problems in ordering the production of office signs of the most various shapes, sizes and prices in Kiev. The Faktoria company will help you decorate your office with attractive and informative signs, made according to an individual design from reliable and durable materials. If you need temporary office signs, the price of which should not exceed the amount of your advertising budget, we will be able to offer you such options, which is not much inferior to the more expensive ones. We know how to make a good impression, and we will share this expertise with you.

What are the office plaques?

Our company produces the following types of office plaques:

• Plaques on the office door. They inform visitors by providing important information about the name of the manager, employees, and the name of the department.

• Auxiliary or service. They perform a navigation function, informing employees and visitors about the location of offices, emergency and fire exits, and other important information.

• Office plaques with replaceable information. They are located where you need constantly updated information. These plaques are not only very practical but also durable.

• Tabletop. If several employees work in one office at once, then there is a need to mark their workplaces with additional plaques. In this case, desktop office plaques are simply irreplaceable. They can carry other useful information, for example, that the employee has left for lunch. The tabletop plaque may have a window with replaceable information.

Office door plaques – what are they made of?

Stylish office plaques are not always expensive, their cost depends on many factors, namely: the materials used, size, design complexity.

If you need a status plaque, then one of the best options would be a metal one, the price of which is higher, but it also looks more presentable, having almost unlimited service life. Materials used: stainless steel, aluminum, brass. A good alternative to metal would be an equally fashionable plaque on the door of the office, made of composite material. Its cost is in the middle price range.

An office plate made of glass or plexiglass looks very stylish and tasteful. It always attracts the attention of visitors, and its cost is lower than that of metal counterparts.

The most affordable are plastic signs on the door to the office. Besides the price, they have other advantages. The production time is shorter, and thanks to modern technologies, they can be given a very presentable look. Plastic office signs will be indispensable when you need to use a wide range of colors, plastic has an infinite number of shades. In terms of price, plastic also has a wide range, thanks to the quality and durability of the material.

How to choose an office plaque

Employees of the Faktoria company know almost everything about the production of office plaques in Kiev. To choose an office plaque, you don’t even need to come to our office. Having reviewed the portfolio of our works on the website, you can always choose the option that suits you best. It is also possible to send your own sketch to our email address and place an order according to the finished layout.

If you were unable to settle on any option, and also doubt the choice of material, you always have the opportunity to consult our specialists. We have been working in the advertising services market for a long time, and are ready to use our experience to help you.

Advantages of manufacturing in Factoria

Today, there are many companies operating in the Ukrainian and Kiev markets, why should you contact us:

• We will take on the most urgent order and fulfill it within the agreed time frame.

• We make every order individually.

• We only work with reliable materials.

• We have our own production facilities and are independent from contractors.

• You will receive a finished product of factory quality.

Office plaques – cost

The cost of the finished product depends on the following factors:

• The quantity and quality of materials used in the production.

• The size of the plaque.

• Complexity of design.

• Speed of production.

• Delivery terms.

The Faktoria company provides services of manufacturing of office signs in Kiev using the most modern technologies of laser cutting, milling, providing guarantees of high quality for all finished products. We will help you create a memorable expression for your company.