Are you starting a new business and want to inform the largest number of potential customers about it? Then inexpensive advertising signboards, hung all over the city in various places, will do it for you the best way. The Faktoria company offers the production of these signboards in Kiev from a variety of materials, based on your customer’s wishes and the budget allocated for such advertising purposes.Such sign plates, despite their low cost, can serve for a quite long time, significantly increasing their payback. Many customers will find your business in 1-2 years after its foundation.

Types of advertising signboards produced by Faktoria company

  • Informational. They will tell your customers the name of your company, make it easier to navigate on busy or, on the contrary, on sparsely populated streets, and serve as a source of information about the product range and work schedule.
  • Fashion-savvy or Image. They work to maintain a corporate style of the company and business.

These sign plates can be made of metal, acrylic, plastic, or even plexiglass. For drawing information, our company uses such great technology as:

  • laser engraving;
  • direct digital printing;
  • application with Oracal films;
  • turning milling, etc.

Production of advertising plastic signboards

Plastic is an easy-to-process, inexpensive, and very practical material. It has a wide range of colors, so it is easy to add shades to your corporation style. In addition, its good environmental resistance indicator influences allow the usage of plastic advertising signs on the street or in other public places.

If you are still in the process of choosing, then get acquainted with other advantages of Factoria plastic sign plates:

  • inexpensive price;
  • large selection of shapes and sizes;
  • they have no limits to your design choice;
  • easiness to install.

Pole advertising signboards – only effective marketing

The most affordable option for customers, but no less effective as a marketing option is placing advertising sign plates on poles. Taking into account the not too long lifetime of such advertising, inexpensive materials are used in production.

This does not prevent you from achieving the desired result:

  • be as close as possible to pedestrians and passengers;
  • always profitable prices and quick payback;
  • tempting design.

We work with both private customers and organizations of any form of ownership. If you need a quick and high-quality result, then you’ve come certainly to the right place. You can get acquainted with samples of our work on the website of the Faktoria company. Our company performs works “turnkey”, but also accepts sketches and layouts of our customers. If necessary, our specialists will perform the delivery and installment of advertising signboards in our product range. Call us by our contact phone numbers or send your orders to the company’s e-mail.