Stylish and durable metal plaques have long become synonymous with the reliability and prosperity of the company, they without words tell visitors and customers about the high status of the owners.

And it is not surprising at all. Unlike other materials, metal plaques have a practically unlimited service life in interior design, as well as a maximum, more than 10 years, when used outdoors.

Manufacturing of metal plaques

Metal plaques are widely used in the decoration of offices and business centers, giving them a laconic elegance. Also, the manufacture of metal plaques is necessary when operating in harsh environmental conditions. They have proven themselves well when exposed to direct sunlight, rain, and other weather conditions, and are also resistant to acids and other corrosive liquids.

The Faktoria company will make metal plaques with inscriptions of the following types:

• Door;

• Facade;

• Tabletop;

• Navigation pointers;

• Information;

• Nameplates and tags.

Materials and methods of making inscriptions

The main materials used in the production process are brass, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze. These materials lend themselves well to processing, which in itself creates an excellent opportunity for any type of design.

Most often, the choice of material for making inscriptions is directly related to the chosen technology. It can be color thermal printing on metal, which is chosen for aluminum plates.

With chemical engraving, the inscription is made on a plate made out of brass, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys. Thus, not only a beautiful full-color image is created, but also a fairly voluminous and embossed one.

To decorate the facades of buildings and monuments, we recommend ordering metal plates made bronze, which fits perfectly into the aesthetic urban concept. Such plates will last a long time and look very presentable.

Milling of steel, brass, and aluminum plates on special milling machines allows for clear and well-detailed lettering and logos. Such images can be either convex or slightly concave, which adds volume to them, and the presence of a frame made with the same technique gives the product a finished and elegant look.

If you want to buy metal plates in Kiev, then contact the Faktoria company using the contact number that you can find on the website. The signs made by our specialists are a perfect way to convey the necessary information to others.